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How to Use Solar Panels to Power up a House

Solar power has become popular nowadays especially among homeowners. Many of them have stopped using grid power and switched to this cheap and clean power source. If you wish to switch to solar energy, here are the steps that you need to take.

How to Use Solar Panels to Power up a House - Rarotonga-Our-Systems

  • Contact a local solar energy provider.

To use solar power, you have to contact a local solar energy provider and fill its application form. Your application will then be reviewed and the process will proceed after your application is approved. The application form is available on the provider’s website.

  • Pick a plan.

When you fill the application form, there are two plans that you can choose from. The first is a plan that doesn’t require you to buy solar panels but requires you to pay monthly fee. If you choose this plan, you can decide whether to pay an upfront cost or not. If you decide to pay, your monthly fee will be cheaper. If you prefer to choose a plan with zero upfront cost, you have to pay higher monthly fee. What is great about this plan is that even if you choose a plan with zero upfront cost, the monthly fee that you have to pay is still cheaper than your electricity bills. The second plan allows you to buy the panels. After purchasing the panels, you will be able to enjoy energy for the rest of your life.

  • Have your house assessed.

After you fill the application form and pick a plan, your house will be assessed to find out whether it is suitable for solar panel installation and whether structure modification is needed to allow the panels to be installed on your house.

  • Sign a contract.

If everything goes well, you are ready to make a contract with the provider. The provider will install the panels on your home after it assesses local electricity regulations and modifies the solar energy system accordingly.

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