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Custom Researchers Need Vibration Measurement Equipment

As a researcher at a commercial, government or higher education laboratory, you are frequently building your own equipment that will address the unique research needs that you have. If the equipment relies on precise measurements or has a performance that can be impacted by vibrations, you will need to characterize the extent of vibration in your research. In addition, if you are creating a prototype for a product that may be manufactured, the specs that you issue to buyers will require documentation of vibrations created by your product or vibrations that will influence the accuracy of your product. As a result, you will need vibration measurement equipment to gather this data.

While there are a number of vibration measurement equipment ideas, the one that is right for your needs will depend on the purpose of your research, the degree of precision needed and the uses to which your technology will be put if it is manufactured. You can get custom equipment that will provide the data you need.

In addition, you may need data on other noise sources, such as acoustic, EMI or thermal variation Acoustic noise can come from human or animal voices, machinery or wind. EMI is electromagnetic interference and it usually comes from man-made machinery, though it can also originate from the sun and from our planet’s magnetic fields. Finally, thermal variations can come from changes in weather, as well as heat from the human body and from machinery-induced heat. Just as you can get custom equipment to measure vibrations, you can have custom equipment created to measure other noise sources in you research.

Once you have measured the distortions created by these noise sources, you can enlist equipment to reduce the noise. Vibration isolation tools, thermal variation reduction tools and other similar equipment is available for the researcher.

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